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Hi! Welcome to our world- living with a gifted kiddo.

We’re Danielle and Danielle - two moms sharing their experiences raising two different, yet very similar, exceptionally gifted kids.

If you found our page you may be up late googling, looking for answers, struggling to understand a kid who is so different from you or your other children. Or you may be looking for similar stories, anecdotes, struggles, or resources. Or maybe your child has read every book at the library and you don’t know what to do, or is peppering you with questions about math equations or physics theories. Our goal is to share some of what our journey raising gifted kids has been in the hopes of helping you in your own journey.

Join us in the daily adventures, struggles, and major learning curves that parents face on the daily when raising gifted children, or should we say little weirdos! And yes, we embrace that weird is cool.

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